Winnipeg Central Speed Skating Club had an amazing year! Here is a list of the 2022 Manitoba Long Track Provincial Championship winners!

FUNdamental Female
1st Place Sophia Forbes

L2T Female
1st Place Zoe Forbes
2nd Place Mackenna Reimer

T2T 11 Female
1st Place Willa Dowse

T2T 12 Female
1sr Place Kaylee Siemens

T2T 13 Female
1st Place Olivia Krawchuk

T2T 14 Female
1st Place Rebecca Bieber

Junior Female
1st Place Sofia Bieber
2nd Place Robyn Salie
3rd Place Skylar Van Horne

Masters Female
1st Place Terry-Linn Johnson

L2T Male
1st Place Justin Cheng
2nd Place Yule Wang
3rd Place Everett Saydak

T2T 13 Male
1st Place Kai Peacock
2nd Place Luke Tinley
3rd Place William Cheng

T2T 14 Male
1st Place Erik Kulbacki
2nd Place Adrian Lanoie
3rd Place Aaron Rose

T2T 15 Male
1st Place Aaron Riehl
2nd Place Jakob Dainard

Junior Male
1st Place Ryan Kulbacki
2nd Place Adam Buchwald
3rd Place Ian McPeek