Coaches 2021/22 Season

Scott Van Horne

SCOTT VAN HORNE – Group 3 Coach


  • Certified level 3 coach (Comp-Dev) in speed skating, with over 10 years of coaching experience
  • Bachelors Degree of Science
  • Masters Degree of Science (Main study was the biomechanics of the skating push)
  • Published in the International Journal of Biomechanics – Analysis of Klap Skate Hinge Position with Respect to Skating Push Mechanics.
  • Presented at numerous International Biomechanics conferences on the topic of skating push mechanics
  • 28 years experience designing and crafting custom made speed skate boots worn by many of the best speed skaters in the World

Sport Experience:

  • Won multiple Canadian and North American titles in both short track and long track through the T2T equivalent age class years.
  • Won the Canada Cup Long Track Circuit and qualified for the National Long Track Team as a first year senior skater.
  • Skated on the Canadian Development Team for the next 2 years before retiring from the sport.

Coaching Experience and Accolades:

  • 2019 National Coaching Excellence Award – Awarded by Speed Skating Canada
  • Coached/Managed at Canada Winter Games
  • Coached at many regional and national competition for both short track and long track


BILL GENDRON – Group 1/2 Coach Tuesdays

  • Level 3 or Competition Development Certified (November 2009)
  • Coaching as a club coach at River Heights since 2002
  • Coached at many National and International meets over the years
  • Coached for many years at the Can Am Camp in Calgary
  • Manitoba Head Coach at many meets over the years, including the North American Long Track Championships, Canadian Age Class Mass Start Meets and a number of Canada Cup Long Track Meets
  • Manitoba Head Coach and Assistant Coach at a number of Manitoba Long Track and Short Track camps.
  • Provincial Coach at a number of provincial team practices over the years to fill in for position
  • Coached at a number of Long track ovals- Calgary, Quebec City, Richmond Oval, Salt Lake City, Milwaukee, John Rose, Dawson Creek, Fort St John
  • 2009 received the Speed Skate Canada Learning Facilitator
  • 2011 Speed Skate Canada Coaching Award
  • 2014 Coaching Manitoba Vince Leah Memorial Award (for Fundamentals)
  • 2014 Impact Manitoba Coach of the Year


EMMA ROCHE – Group 1/2 Coach Thursdays

  • Fundamentals/Level 1 Coach Certified
  • Skated with the Winnipeg Central Speed Skating Club
  • University Student