For our members who have children that enjoy competing in our many fun races!  Volunteers are always needed to help run our competitions.  It is a great way to get to know the other parents and skaters in our small speed skating community.  We encourage you to think about joining our volunteer pool this year!!

The Manitoba Speed Skating Association (MSSA) is seeking officials for our 2021-2022 Manitoba competitions. If you could please follow the Volunteer Registration links below and sign-up for the events and positions that you are available for it would be greatly appreciated. 

  • MB Cup 1 – Oct 23rd(Stride Place, Portage La Prairie, MB)
  • MB Cup 2 – Nov 13th(Stride Place, Portage La Prairie, MB)
  • Prairie Challenge/MB Cup Qualifiers – Dec 11thand 12th(FREE Event)
  • MB Cup 3 Long Track – Jan 8th(Susan Auch Oval, Winnipeg, MB)
  • LT Provincials – Jan 15thand 16th(Susan Auch Oval, Winnipeg, MB)
  • Silver Skates – Feb 5th(Susan Auch Oval, Winnipeg, MB)
  • Canada Cup 3 Long Track – Feb 11th, 12thand 13th(Susan Auch Oval, Winnipeg, MB)
    • Volunteer Registration coming soon
  • ST Provincials – Feb 26th(Stride Place, Portage La Prairie, MB)
  • MB Games – Mar 2nd, 3rd, 4thand 5th(Niverville, MB)
  • MB Cup 4 – Mar 12th(Stride Place, Portage La Prairie, MB)
  • Canadian Youth Short Track Championships – West – Mar 26thand 27th(Selkirk Rec Centre, Selkirk, MB)
    • Volunteer Registration coming soon

MSSA is currently seeking volunteers interested in becoming  a Referee, a Recorder and a E-Timer. We are always looking new volunteers for all positions. However, the three positions mentioned above are crucial for us to recruit new officials. Without new volunteers interested in these positions we will have to consider bringing officials in from out of province which would considerably add to the cost of our events and result in our event registration fees increasing significantly.

For all positions new volunteers will be trained and mentored. For positions that require course work and certification MSSA will cover the cost.

If you are interested in becoming a Referee, Recorder or E-Timer please reach out to MSSA directly at office@mbspeedskating.ca. Information regarding officials roles and responsibilities can be found here.

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