Need Help with Registration?

Email us at 

We will be answering questions and helping with registrations. We can assist with deciding which group best fits the skaters skill level. (there is movement in the levels throughout the season as skaters improve)

Click here to register online today!

Before registering, you will need to decide:

  1. If you want to skate once or twice a week, and
  2. If you want your skater to be able to compete in local and provincial competitions. Local and provincial competitions are suitable for all skater levels, and are a fun way to see skater progress! See this year’s competitions are list here. All of the Manitoba Cup events are suitable for all ages and levels.

Based on your decisions, you would pick your registration category:

  1. 1x/week recreational (cannot enter competitions)
  2. 2x/week recreational (cannot enter competitions)
  3. 1x/week competitive (can enter competitions)
  4. 2x/week competitive (can enter competitions)

ALL skaters must join the Manitoba Speed Skating Association (MSSA) & Speed Skating Canada (SSC) as part of their registration – we have built this into the TOTAL in the fees descriptions. Both organizations support our club and the sport across Canada.

One (or both) parent(s) are required to join as an Associate Member so that they can help with putting mats on the ice, volunteering, etc.

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