Susan Auch Oval – Training Hours Added!


We love that so many people are using the Susan Auch Oval! We’ve changed the hours to better serve you and your safety, and to allow our speed skaters some time and space to practice their skills. Speed skaters – you are still welcome to use the ice during public skating hours, but save intense practice for the specific speed skating hours. Thank you for being mindful of others using the Oval. 


Speed Skating Hours
Monday – Friday: 4pm – 7pm
Weekends: 12pm – 3pm

Public Skating Hours
Monday – Friday: 12pm – 3:30pm & 7pm – 9pm
Weekends: 3pm – 6pm

Please continue to check the MSSA website for the latest updates before heading to the Oval, as hours are subject to change without notice. All hours are weather dependent. Please give us time to clear the ice on snow days!

A few Oval Etiquette reminders:

  • For safety reasons beginner speed skaters and public skaters should stick to the outer lane of the oval when skating. Advanced speed skaters should use the inner lane of the oval. 
  • No skating allowed when the Zamboni is on the ice or while any other ice maintenance is taking place.
  • Always skate in a counterclockwise direction.
  • No sticks and/or pucks allowed on the ice. 

Please follow these rules and protocols to keep each other safe. A visual of the Susan Auch Oval Covid-19 Protocols can be found below.

1. Wear a mask. 
2. Bring a lawn chair for putting on skates and gear.
3. Practice individual skills and keep it casual. 
4. Maintain physical distance of 6 feet at all times, and don’t engage in group activities of more than five people (unless you live with them!) 
5. Hockey sticks and pucks are not allowed at this time. 
6. Skate in a counter-clockwise direction to help maintain physical distance. 
7. No organized practices, games or competitions are permitted. 
8. Dress before you come, since dressing rooms, warming shacks and other indoor facilities are closed.
9. Washrooms are also closed as they are an indoor facility. 

As a reminder, no planned practices or formal coaching of athletes are allowed at this time. Keep in mind our coaches maybe at the oval with their families.  Coaches can use the oval for personal use only. It’s important that formal coaching does not take place. Please use the program that was emailed to you December 16th. Need a copy? – email

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and we hope you are able to enjoy the use of the oval throughout these challenging times. 

If you have any questions or need any further clarification regarding the oval protocols, please do not hesitate to contact the MSSA office at