WCSSC Best Practice for COVID-19

Best Practices for COVID-19 for Winnipeg Central Speed Skating Club

(based on Manitoba Speed Skating Recommended Best Practices document by Manitoba Speed Skating Association)

Preparing for Practice at Home

  • Older skaters and guardians of younger skaters must self-screen prior to arriving to practice. Use the Shared Care Online Screening Tool (the same one being used by schools for self-screening).
  • If a skater does not pass the screen, they MUST STAY HOME. The skater or guardian should contact Health Links for direction on testing and when self-isolation can end.

Getting to Practice and On and Off the Ice

  • Do not congregate in the parking lot, entrances and exits of the community entre/arena.
  • Hand sanitize upon entry and exit of the community centre.
  • Everyone is to wear a mask on their way in, on their way out, and within the community centre/arena.
  • Maintain physical distancing in all areas of the community centre and arena. This includes skaters, coaches, and guardians.
  • Be ready to skate – Skaters will physically distance throughout arena to put on and off skates. Those who need help with skates would be assisted by someone within their household as much as possible.
  • Skaters and coaches will need to ensure that they are 2 metres away from each other while getting on and off the ice. This means that getting off the ice will need to occur before the end of practice time to ensure enough time for everyone to get off the ice while physically distancing.

During Practice

  • River Heights Community Centre has mandated 24 skaters’ maximum on the ice (including coaches and volunteers).
  • Everyone on the ice must practice physical distancing by staying a minimum of 2 metres away from other people at all times.
  • No physical contact including high fives.
  • No sharing of equipment (including water bottles).
  • Skaters and coaches must wear a buff or mask on the ice.
  • If a coach or parent volunteer notices that a skater is symptomatic (defined as per current Shared Health guidelines of having two or more cold or flu symptoms), that skater will be asked to immediately leave the ice and asked to leave the community centre as soon as possible.
  • Spectators must be physically distanced and masked.