Manitoba Long Track Provincials

The Manitoba Long Track Provincials were held last weekend in Winnipeg – skaters and volunteers braved the extreme cold for this event.

Congratulations to all WCSSC skaters on an excellent meet with lots of personal bests!

Many of our skaters have qualified to compete in the Canadian Youth Long Track Championships in Red Deer, Alberta February 8th-9th, 2020 – Girls 11-14 & Boys 12-15

Have fun!

T2T 12 Girls

  1. Skylar Van Horne
  2. Rebecca Bieber 

T2T 13 Girls 

  1. Maya Kemp 
  2. Lindsay Smart

T2T 14 Girls

1. Jordan Campbell

T2T 12 Boys

  1. Erik Kulbacki
  2. Aaron Rose

T2T 13 Boys

  1. Adam Buckwald

T2T 14 BoysIan McPeek  

1. Ian McPeek 

T2T 15 Boys

  1. Ryan Kulbacki 
  2. Mitchell Vanstone  
  3. Ben Routledge – Sub

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