WCSSC Long Track Oval Times

Finally, Outdoor Oval Season 2019/20:

Long track speed skating season is upon us! We are so lucky to have out beautiful Susan Auch oval to experience the sport of long track.

As we have now started the long track season for a lot of skaters, and since the Susan Auch oval is up and running we will be skating long track instead of short track on the following days: Monday January 6, 20 and 27.

Marnie Hilland and Gail Bieber, starting next week, will be coaching long track sessions at the Susan Auch oval to our current members in Group 1 and 2 (free of charge).

These sessions are also open to any parent or adult that would like to join for $120.00 (includes skates).

The dates are:

Wednesday December 18Gail
Wednesday January 8Gail
Wednesday January 15Gail
Saturday January 18Marnie
Saturday February 1Marnie
Wednesday February 12Gail
Saturday February 29Marnie

Saturdays: 11:30 – 12:30 pm

Wednesdays: 6:30 – 7:30 pm

We will be running outdoor workouts pretty much regardless of weather conditions. Skaters need to dress for the weather so that they can enjoy the workout and stay safe.

Skaters can wear any outdoor clothing for these workouts that will allow them to stay warm. For example, for younger ages, it may be easiest just to have your skater wear their full snowsuit for practice. Here are some tips:

· Feet are the hardest to keep warm. Consider purchasing boot covers (can be bought from Randy Plett).

· Ski googles can be helpful for maintaining visibility while also keeping skin around the eyes warm and free from frostbite.

· Make sure a hat and/or neck warmer will fit under your skater’s helmet – loosen it if necessary for long track practices.

· When windchill is a factor make sure your skater’s ears and nose are covered.

In addition to being dressed for the weather, skater safety will be ensured by the coaches who will schedule indoor “warm-up” times into practices – the number and duration weather dependent.

Please remember to arrive about half an hour prior to your ice session to get dressed and warmed up. As you know Winnipeg has cold winters and it can be quite skating outside, but if you dress appropriately it is a really fun and enjoyable experience.

We will not run the sessions if the temperature is lower than -25C (including windchill). If the sessions get cancelled due to low temperatures, we will attempt to have a makeup class if, but there is no guarantee.