Am Cup/John Rose Meet

A large group of Manitoba skaters attending the Am Cup and the John Rose meets December 6th to 8th in Roseville, Minnesota. MSSA arranged for a bus to take skaters and parents to Roseville which was a ton of fun for all – don’t be late for the bus or you (no matter how old) will be doing squats! Our awesome bus driving took us to an outlet mall on the way to Roseville and Mall of America!

Our younger skaters competed in the John Rose meet and many received medals for their hard work!

Our older skaters competed in the International Am Cup meet – with cash prizes!

The Roseville John Rose Oval was an amazing facility (outdoor artifical ice!) and the organizers did a great job of hosting these events. Thank you!

Big thank you to Will Dutton and Tyler Williamson Derraugh for coaching all the kids thoughout the weekend!