WCSSC Change Room Policy

NEW POLICY from the WCSSC Board


The Winnipeg Central Speed Skating Club (WCSSC) recognizes the value in supporting a team spirit both on and off the ice.

WCSSC must provide a safe and respectful environment for skaters and coaches to change into the appropriate sports attire.

WCSSC acknowledges that our strength of having a wide diversity of individuals in our club in regards to gender, age, and other characteristics requires us to carefully consider and meet the needs of all of these individuals.


WCSSC will use the above guiding principles to determine assigned change rooms to change into appropriate sports attire for their program.


The following guidelines shall be used by all WCSSC members when changing into the appropriate sport attire for WCSSC programming.

1. All skaters will demonstrate respectful behavior towards other skaters at all times.

2. All skaters will wear age appropriate sportswear as undergarments.

3. While changing their clothes, skaters will be discrete while disrobing and will put clothing back on as quickly and discretely as possible.

4. Skaters will not walk about in the dressing room while in a state of semi-dress.

5. In the event of co-ed change rooms, skaters must respect the privacy of the opposite gender:

  • Skaters will undress to a minimum while members of the opposite gender are present. Be aware that common co-ed change room policy in other sports is to be clothed in a minimum of shorts and tee shirt when with members of the opposite gender are present – use your discretion in relation to this information.
  • Skaters who have not arrived to the arena with undergarments appropriate for a co-ed changing area will seek the privacy of a washroom and rejoin the shared changing area once dressed.

6. Skaters and/or parents with special requirements or feel that the change room practices are not meeting their needs are encouraged to speak directly to the WCSSC President and/or a coach in order to facilitate a solution that will meet all athlete’s needs.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this policy.