Skate Sharpening $5

As you might know, skates can be sharpened by putting them in the basket in our equipment room (beside the ice) , with your skater’s name written on masking tape (pen and masking tape is in basket) and a $5.00 bill inside the boot. 

Skates can be put into the basket on Thursdays after practice and picked up Tuesdays (You can also put your skates in the basket on Tuesdays if you only skate on Tuesdays.)

We do not sharpen skates between a Tuesday and a Thursday.

If you need your skates sharpened for a weekend competition, you will need to make sure that Laurel Rose (Aaron’s mom, group 2) is aware of this, and she will coordinate accordingly.

Coach Bill will hold a skate sharpening lesson after practice at a later date for those of you who are interested in learning how to sharpen at home.