Coaches Message

Hello to everyone from your coaches!

Well we’ve certainly had a great start to the new speed skating season, grateful for those returning athletes and families, and thrilled to meet new faces and families.

For returning athletes, we can really see great growth in strength, technique and cardio from last season.  The wonderful aspect of a sport that has a 6 month season, is being able to participate in other sports & activities – all of which make you a well rounded athlete & person…keep it up!  

Some of our athletes participate in more than 1 sport or activity during the season, and we’re proud of your commitment to each of those activities.  We understand and appreciate the juggling families must do, so please know “we get it”!

To our families that participated in racing this past weekend, Congratulations!!  So many nervous athletes at the start line, and you all did so well.   Too many PB (Personal Best) times to list them all, athletes showing great courage to overcome a fall, first time racing or being nervous for a longer race….all to finish with super fun bucket races!!  🙂

Thank you to our volunteers helping this weekend & the many new faces learning new things about all the aspects that go into running a competition.

To our families that didn’t race – please know that we do not expect all the athletes to race, but it is SUPER fun!  The most important aspect of racing is achieving Personal Best times at each competition.  It is NOT important where you place in a race, rather trying to always improve on your personal best time.

Keep having fun, trying your best, listening to your coaches and thanking your families for everything they do.

Costumes welcome on Halloween, but no weapons!

Coach Tracy, Scott & Bill