Can we still register?

Can we still register? Yes, you can still register for the 2019/20 season which starts October 1st – just email us at

What group should I register my child(ren) for? We can help you with that when you contact us. Once a child can do all the skills in that group they are moved up to the next level by their coach. See the basic outlines below:

Group #1 – For beginner skaters – can’t do cross-over strides, can’t do basic edging control.  Lacking sufficient speed for next level.

Group #2 – For intermediate skaters – Can do cross-overs and basic edging proficiently, still developing specific speed skating technique and speed.

Group #3 – For advanced skaters – Skater has proficient aptitude and execution of proper speed skating technique.  Has the base physical fitness and speed to train at a high level.

How much does it cost? That depends on the age, skill level and number of times a week the skater attends – click here and scroll down the page for the fee schedule.